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My deck from SEO Zraz 2020 event in Bratislava

I was one of the speakers on Monday in Bratislava (SK), where a 2nd edition of SEO Sraz 2020 took place.

There were 16 speakers and more than 400 attendees.

My deck was focused mainly on your link building mindset. Think how site owners are motivated. What goals they want to achieve? You can totally change your approach and increase your success rate in gettings links.

Based on that I introduced some of my favourite tactics like links from “Featured At” pages, which I´ve been using from 2014 (Czech article here) or Award Based Link Building.

You can check all the slides here at SpeakerDeck.

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Author: Zdenek Dvorak

I´ve been building links for small and large brands for 10 years. My link building mindset: provide a value first, get the link after.

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